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Roma - Italy, May 22nd - May 25th, 2018
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May 23rd, 2018

08:30-09:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee

09:10-09:25 Conference Opening

09:25-10:25 Invited Talk

Microfluidic approaches: a promising route towards liquid biopsy
Dr. Anne-Marie Gué, Senior Scientist, LAAS CNRS, Toulouse, France

Session chair: Stewart Smith, The University of Edinburgh

10:25-10:55 Coffee Break

10:55-12:35 Technical Sessions

Characterization and Reliability
Session chair: Francis PRESSECQ, CNES, Toulouse

  • (16) On the Modelling and Placement of Bonding-pillar Holes in Multi-wafer, Vacuum-packaged MEMS - Alabi BOJESOMO, Wajih SYED, Ibrahim ELFADEL (Masdar Institute, Khalifa University of Science andTechnology - United Arab Emirates)

  • (25) Temperature accelerated discharging process in SiÍx films with embedded CNTs for applications in MEMS switches - Dimitrios BIRMPILIOTIS (University of Athens (NKUA) - Greece), George STAVRINIDIS, George KONSTANTINIDIS (IESL FORTH - Greece), George PAPAIOANNOU (University of Athens (NKUA) - Greece)

  • (42) Near Field Microwave Microscopy for MEMS and Micro-Electronic Devices Characterization - Giovanni CAPOCCIA, Giovanni Maria SARDI, Emanuela PROIETTI, Romolo MARCELLI (CNR-IMM Roma - Italy)

  • (70) Variation-aware Modelling of Micro-scale Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
    Wajih SYED, Alabi BOJESOMO, Ibrahim ELFADEL (Masdar Institute, Khalifa University of Science andTechnology - United Arab Emirates)

  • (48) Non-linear FEM analysis to evaluate the thermo-plastic behaviour in MEMS gold specimens - Aurelio SOMA', MATTEO ARMANDO (Politecnico di Torino, Italy - Italy), Benno MARGESIN (FBK - Italy)

Microsystems Integration in Textiles
Session chair:
Russel TORAH, University of Southampton

  • (79) The thickness and material optimization of flexible electronic packaging for functional electronic textile - Menglong LI, John TUDOR, Liu JINGQI, Komolafe ABIODUN, Russel TORAH, Steve BEEBY (University of Southampton - UK)

  • (80) Wearable system with embedded force sensors for neurologic rehabilitation trainings - Giorgio DE PASQUALE, Leonardo MASTROTOTARO (Politecnico di Torino - Italy), Lorenzo PIA (University of Torino - Italy), Dalila BURIN (Tohoku University - Japan)

  • (88) Textile Humidity Sensors - Anne SCHWARZ-PFEIFFER, Marina NORMANN, Maike RABE, Thomas GRETHE (Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences - Germany)

  • (87) An Automated Process for Inclusion of Package Dies and Circuitry within a Textile Yarn - Dorothy HARDY, Ioannis ANASTASOPOULOS, M-Nour NASHED, Carlos OLIVEIRA, Theodore HUGHES-RILEY (Nottingham Trent University - United Kingdom), Abiodun KOMOLAFE, John TUDOR, Russel TORAH, Steve BEEBY (University of Southampton - United Kingdom)

  • (82) Electrospun Polyurethane Microfiber Membrane on Conductive Textile for Water-supported Textile Electrode in Continuous ECG Monitoring Application
    THANIT APIWATTANADEJ, Li ZHANG, Holden LI (Nanyang Technological University - Singapore)

12:35-14:00 Lunch  

14:00-15:20 Technical Sessions

Microfluidics and Bio-MEMS
Session chair:
Giorgio DE PASQUALE, Politecnico di Torino

  • (27) A Novel Metering Component for Volume Management in Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips - Paul POP, Alexander Rodiger SCHNEIDER, Madsen JAN (Technical University of Denmark - Denmark)

  • (77) Investigation of magnetic nanoparticle filling of microreactors
    Peter PALOVICS, Marta RENCZ (Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Hungary)

  • (8) Design and Fabrication Considerations, Numerical Modelling, and Testing of a MEMS Microgripper
    Marija CAUCHI, Ivan GRECH, Bertram MALLIA, Pierluigi MOLLICONE, Barnaby PORTELLI, Nicholas SAMMUT (University of Malta - Malta)

  • (58) A Modular Reconfigurable Digital Microfluidics Platform
    Georgi TANEV, Winnie SVENDSEN (Technical University of Denamrk - Denmark), Madsen JAN (Technical University of Denmark - Denmark)
Multi-Scale and System-Level Modeling
Session chair: Aurelio SOMA, Politecnico di Torino

  • (35) Reduced Order Model of a Hydrogel-based Microvalve with Pressure, Mass Flow and Concentration Correlations
    Philipp MEHNER, Anthony BECK, Andreas VOIGT, Uwe MARSCHNER, Andreas RICHTER (Technische Universitaet Dresden - Germany)

  • (54) Dynamic fault injection for system level simulation of MEMS - a design method for functional safety
    Tino BLOCHMANN, Stephan GERTH, Thomas MARKWIRTH, Peter SCHNEIDER, Roland JANCKE (Fraunhofer IIS/EAS - Germany)

  • (62) A finite element approach for modeling of cnt-polymer-composites for use in large-area pressure sensors
    Michael SCHIEBOLD, Jan MEHNER (TU Chemnitz, Germany - Germany)

  • (73) A generic model for sensor simulation at system level
    Josue RIVERA VELAZQUEZ (LIRMM / University of Montpellier - France), Frederick MAILLY (LIRMM - France), Pascal NOUET (LIRMM / University Montpellier - France)

15:20-16:15   Poster Introduction

Session chair:
Marta RENCZ, BME, Budapest

(67) Low-Temperature 3D Integration Processes for Advanced Sensor Systems
Montserrat FERNANDEZ-BOLAñOS BADIA, Andrei MULLER (EPFL - Switzerland), Josef WEBER, Peter RAMM (Fraunhofer EMFT - Germany)

  • (59) Force sensitive smart laparoscope of Robin Heart Surgical Robot
    János RADó (HAS Centre for Energy Research, Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science - Hungary), Csaba D?CS?, P?ter F?LDESY (HAS Centre for Energy Research, Institute of Technical Phisics and Materials Science - Hungary), Kamil ROHR, Zbigniew NAWRAT (Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development, Biocybernetics Laboratory - Poland), G?bor SZEB?NYI, Hunor S?NTHA (Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Hungary), Peter FURJES (HAS Centre for Energy Research - Hungary)

    Janeth GARCIA-MONGE, Clarissa VAZQUEZ-COLON (University of Texas at San Antonio - United States), Arturo AYON (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA - United States)

  • (31) Graphene electrodes for piezoelectric resonators
    Amina SAADANI, Pierrre LAVENUS (ONERA - France), olivier LE TRAON (onera - France), Fabrice STHAL (FEMTO-ST, CNRS, ENSMM - France)

  • (17) A New Technique for Creating Curved Interior Holes on Ultrathin Glass Based on Picosecond Laser Drilling and Thermo-Shock Separation
    Kuo-Shen CHEN (Taiwan - Taiwan), Chiao-Fen CHUANG (NCKU - Taiwan)

  • (51) An all screen-printed free-standing piezoelectric diaphragm for application on textile
    Nursabirah JAMEL (University Malaysia Perlis - Malaysia), Russel TORAH, Kai YANG, John TUDOR, Steve BEEBY (University of Southampton - United Kingdom)

  • (81) Improving the integration of e-textile microsystems encapsulation by modifying PDMS formulation.
    Olivia OJUROYE, Russel TORAH, Steve BEEBY (University of Southampton - United Kingdom)

  • (86) Wafer-scale x-ray diffraction grating based on SiC membrane window
    changqing XIE, hailiang LI, yilei HUA (Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences - China)

  • 16:15-17:00   Coffee Break

    16:15-18:15   Poster Viewing / Exhibition

    18:00-19:30   Sponsors Welcome Reception

    May 24th, 2018

    08:45-09:00   Registration

    09:00-10:00   Invited Talk

    Challenges in Modeling and Simulation of Inertial MEMS
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jan Mehner, Chemnitz University of Technology, Microsystems and Biomedical Engineering
    Chemnitz, Germany

    Session chair:
    Peter Schneider, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, Dresden

    10:00-10:30   Coffee Break

    10:30-12:10 Technical Sessions

    Resonant MEMS Devices
    Session chair:
    John TUDOR, University of Southampton

    • (10) A high Q 2D-Length Extension Mode Resonator for potential Time-Frequency applications
    • Paul CHAPELLIER, Pierrre LAVENUS (ONERA - France), Bernard DULMET (Femto-ST - France)

    • (20) Resolution of phase difference and frequency measurements of mutually injection-locked oscillators for resonant sensing applications
    • Jerome JUILLARD (CentraleSupelec - France), Pierre PRACHE, Pietro MARIS FERREIRA (GEEPS - France), Nuria BARNIOL (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Spain) 

    • (22) Compact On-chip Bandpass Filter With Low Insertion Loss For 60-GHz SIP Application
    • Linpu LI, Jinyi DING, Xiaowei SUN (SIMIT - China) 

    • (37) Super-harmonic oscillation in coupled copper cantilevers applicable to sensor devices
    • Dong F. WANG, Guowen ZHENG (Jilin University - China)

    • (60) Temperature Compensation of AlScN (17.5%) Contour Mode Resonators
    • Andrea LOZZI (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne - Switzerland), Ernest TING-TA YEN (Kilby Labs Texas Instruments Inc. - United States), Paul MURALT, Guillermo VILLANUEVA (EPFL - Switzerland

    Energy Harvesting / Micro-Energy
    Session chair:
    Dong F. WANG, Jilin Univ., Changchun

    • (44) Influence of Photoluminescent Si and ZnO QD multilayered films on solar cell efficiency - Alejandra CORDOVA, Rosendo LOPEZ-DELGADO, Aldo ZAZUETA RAYNAUD, Arturo AYON (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA - United States), Mario Enrique ALVAREZ-RAMOS (Universidad de Sonora - Mexico)

    • (61) ZnS Quantum Dots coated with PVP to Enhance Solar Cell Performance
    • Julio MELENDRES SANCHEZ, Alejandra CORDOVA, Rosendo LOPEZ-DELGADO (University of Texas at San Antonio - United States), Mario Enrique ALVAREZ-RAMOS (Universidad de Sonora - Mexico), Arturo AYON (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA - United States)

    • (76) A Micromachined All-Solid On-Chip Thin-Film Battery towards Uninterruptible Photovoltaic Cells
    • Taisei KURIYAMA, Yuki OKAMOTO (The University of Tokyo - Japan), Akiyoshi SUZUKI (ULVAC, Inc. - Japan), Yoshio MITA (Univ. Tokyo Japan - Japan)

    • (83) Electrostatic vibration energy harvester using Multimodal-shaped springs for pacemaker application
    • Bogdan VYSOTSKYI (Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) - France), Denis AUBRY (MSSMat - France), Fabien PARRAIN (Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale - France), Philippe GAUCHER (MSSMat - France), Xavier LE ROUX (Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) - France), Elie LEFEUVRE (University of Paris Sud - France)

    12:15-13:45 Lunch  

    13:45-14:45 Technical Sessions

    Design Automation and Nano-Lithography
    Session chair:
    Raluca MULLER, IMT - Bucharest

    • (6) Analytical design of linear variable capacitors with shaped-finger comb-drive actuators
    • Dooyoung HAH (Abdullah Gul University - Turkey) 

    • (63) Talbot Lithography with soft elastomeric conformal phase masks
    • Rudy DESGARCEAUX (IES Institut d'électronique et des systèmes - France), Zhanna SANTYBAYEVA, Francesco PEDACI (CBS/INSERM - France), Benoit CHARLOT (CNRS University Montpellier - France) 

    Design and Modeling
    Session chair:
    Jerôme JUILLARD, Supélec

    (19) High Dynamic Range Z-axis Hybrid Spring MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer
    Zakriya MOHAMMED (Masdar Institute, Khalifa University of Science and Technology - United Arab Emirates), Ibrahim ELFADEL (Masdar Institute at Khalifa University of Science andTechnology - United Arab Emirates), Mahmoud RASRAS (New York University - United Arab Emirates)

    (28) Air Damping Analysis in Resonating Micro-Mirrors
    Russell FARRUGIA, Barnaby PORTELLI, Ivan GRECH, Duncan CAMILLERI, Owen CASHA, Joseph MICALLEF, Edward GATT (University of Malta - Malta) •

    (74) Post-fabrication soft trimming of resistive sensors
    Ibrahim SHANKHOUR (LIRMM - France), Jad MOHDAD (LIRMM/CNRS - University of Montpellier - France), Frederick MAILLY (LIRMM - France), Pascal NOUET (LIRMM / University Montpellier - France)

    14:45-15:40   Poster Introduction
Session chair: Holden LI, NTU, Singapore

    • (39) Sensitivity Characterization in a Mode-localized Cantilever Trio for Picogram Order Mass Detection Dong F. WANG, Jing HONG (Jilin University - China)

    • (21) Measurement uncertainties in electrostatic actuated MEMS resonators Faisal IQBAL, byeungleul LEE (Korea University of Technology and Education - Korea, Republic of)

    • (65) Realization and study of a thermal gyroscope based on thermal expansion Guillaume KOCK, COMBETTE PHILIPPE, Benoit CHARLOT, Alain GIANI (IES, University of Montpellier/CNRS - France)

    • (34) Automated Reduced Order Model Generation for MEMS Jan MEHNER, David KRIEBEL, Henry SCHMIDT, Markus FREITAG (TU Chemnitz, Germany - Germany)

    • (32) FPGA Sensor Fusion System Design for IMU Arrays Owais WAHEED (Khalifa University - United Arab Emirates), Ibrahim ELFADEL (Masdar Institute at Khalifa University of Science andTechnology - United Arab Emirates)

    • (15) Suppression Activity Analysis of 5-LOX from Chinese Herbal Extracts by Designed 3D Array Microfluidic Chip Yi XU, Xi SU, Xiaodan ZHANG, Li CHEN (Chongqing University - China)

    • (29) Long term characterization of microelectrodes for neural stimulation applications Pedro GONZáLEZ LOSADA, Lionel ROUSSEAU, Gaelle LISSORGUES (ESIEE Paris - France)

    • (13) Enhanced Stokes Shift due to the Interaction of Photoluminescent Carbon and CdTe Quantum Dots and their Influence on Silicon Solar Cell Performance J Elias PELAYO CEJA (Universidad de Guadalajara - Mexico), Aldo ZAZUETA RAYNAUD, Rosendo LOPEZ-DELGADO (University of Texas at San Antonio - United States), Emmanuel SAUCEDO-FLORES, Ruben RUELAS (University of Guadalajara - Mexico), Felipe ORONA MAGALLANES, Rogelio GUERRERO, Arturo AYON (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA - United States)

    • (9) Sub-µm air-gap resonant MEMS mass sensors fabrication for the detection of bioaerosols Ugur SOYSAL (Universite Paris-Est - France), Frederci MARTY (ESIEE Paris - France), Emmanuelle ALGRE (ESYCOM, ESIEE Paris - France), Evelyne GEHIN (Universite Paris-Est, CERTES (EA3481), 61 Avenue du General de Gaulle, 94010 Creteil Cedex, France - France), Charles MOTZKUS (CSTB, 4 Avenue Jean Jaures, Champs-sur-Marne, 77447 Marne-la-Vallee Cedex 2, France - France)

    • (36) A self-powered tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer with an error compensation method Dong F. WANG, Yifan ZHU (Jilin University - China)

    • (85) Ordered Arrays of Uniform High-aspect-ratio Al2O3 Nanotube: Fabrication and Characterization hailiang LI, yilei HUA, changqing XIE (Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences - China)

    15:45-16:30   Coffee Break

    15:45-17:45   Poster Viewing / Exhibition

    18:30-22:00   Social Event

    May 25th, 2018

    09:00-09:15   Registration

    09:15-10:15   Technical Sessions

    Fluidic Sensors
    Session chair:
    Henri CAMON, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse

    • (5) Blood Flow Sensor with Built-in Contact Pressure and Temperature Sensor
    • Renshi SAWADA, Hirofumi NOGAMI, Ryo INOUE (Kyushu University - Japan), Eiji HIGURASHI (University of Tokyo - Japan)

    • (68) Frequency stability in PZE-actuated Suspended Microchannel Resonators Annalisa DE PASTINA, Damien MAILLARD, Guillermo VILLANUEVA (EPFL - Switzerland)

    • (69) Energy efficient micro-machined thermal flow-rate sensor based on transient operation mode
      Ferdous SHAUN, Sreyash SARKAR, Patrick POULICHET, Francesco PERESSUTTI, Frederci MARTY (ESIEE Paris - France), Joao OLIVEIRA (Universidade De Nova Lisbon- UNL - Portugal), Tarik BOUROUINA, Elyes NEFZAOUI (ESIEE Paris - France)
    MEMS for Space Applications
    Session chair: Ibrahim (Abe) M. ELFADEL, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi

    • (89) MEMS gyroscope for miniaturized space attitude control system
    • Boo Hyun AN, Mariam MANSOURI, Wajih SYED, Ibrahim ELFADEL, Daniel CHOI (Masdar Institute, Khalifa University - United Arab Emirates), Sultan ALDAHMANI (United Arab Emirates Space Agency, Science and Technology Directorate - United Arab Emirates)

    • (90) Long-Term Actuation Demonstration of RF-MEMS Switches for Space Applications
      Abedel Halim ZAHR, Ling Yan ZHANG, Clément DORION, Antoine DEVEAUTOUR, Aurélien BENETEAU, Romain STEFANINI (AirMEMS - France), Pierre BLONDY (XLIM - France), Frederic COURTADE, Kateryna KIRYUKHINA (CNES - France), Francis PRESSECQ (CNES, Toulouse, France - France)

    • (91) Digital electronics for inertial MEMS and space applications
    • Jean GUERARD, Léopold DELAHAYE, Raphael LEVY (Onera - France)

    10:15-10:45   Coffee Break

    10:45-12:05   Technical Sessions

    Physical Actuators/Sensors
    Session chair:
    Yoshio Mita, The University of Tokyo

    (66) Smart Ping Pong Racket by Ultrathin Piezoelectric Strain Sensor Array
    Takahiro YAMASHITA (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - Japan)

    (78) A polymeric microtweezer with integrated force/displacement sensor
    Rodica-Cristina VOICU (National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies - Romania)

    (45) Nonlinear spring turning by electrostatic combs in micro mirror scanner
    Kazuhiro HANE (Tohoku University, Japan - Japan), Takashi IZAWA, Takashi SASAKI (Tohoku University - Japan)

    (43) A Passive Optoelectric AC/DC Electric Current Sensor for Diverse Multi-wire Cables
    Dong F. WANG, Ziqi ZHAO (Jilin University - China)

    Chemical and Optical Sensing
    Session chair: Tie LI, SIMIT, CAS, Shanghai

    • (4) Detection of TNT in Sulfuric Acid Solution by SiNWs-FET based Sensor
    • Hui WANG, Shixing CHEN, Anran GAO (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology - China), Yuelin WANG (SIMIT, Shanghai, China - China), Tie LI (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology - China)

    • (7) Micro-optrode with integrated thermal and electrophysiological recording sites and infrared waveguide for monitoring and stimulation of the neural tissue
    • Agoston HORVATH (Pazmany Peter Catholic University - Hungary), Csanad BOROS, Ors SEPSI, Szabolcs BELEZNAI, Pal KOPPA (Budapest University of Technology & Economics - Hungary), Zoltan FEKETE (Pazmany Peter Catholic University - Hungary)

    • Alina CISMARU, Martini ALDRIGO (IMT - Bucharest - Romania), Cosmin OBREJA (National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies - Romania), Mircea DRAGOMAN (IMT - Bucharest - Romania)

    • (56) Active control of light extraction in the NIR range with sub-wavelength periodic structures Anatole HELIOT (Essilor International - France),
    • Henri CAMON (LAAS - France), Olivier GAUTHIER-LAFAYE (LAAS-CNRS - France), Antoine MONMAYRANT (LAAS/CNRS - France), Sylvain PELLOQUIN, Thierry GACOIN (LAAS-CNRS - France), Khalid LAHLIL, Lucio MARTINELLI (PMC- Polytechnique - France), Claudine BIVER, Samuel ARCHAMBEAU (ESSILOR International - France)

    12:10-12:30   Closing Session

    12:30-14:00   Lunch

    14:30-18:00   Visit of Laboratory & Facilities

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