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Pont-A-Mousson - July 11th - 13th, 2022

 An XVIIIth century Abbey by the Moselle river, 1:30 hour away from Paris CDG airport.

The abbey is a XVIIIth century building. It is now an events and cultural center owned by the Lorraine region.

New (June 27):
A taxi minibus (7 persons) will be set-up by DTIP organizers and available from Lorraine TGV to Pont-a-Mousson hotels or conference for DTIP participants.
Please send a mail to dtip@dtip-mems.org to inform the organizers of your arrival time @ TGV Lorraine, so the taxi minibus will be there.
Of course, you can come by other means if you wish to do so.

The same taxi minibus will be available to leave DTIP conference to reach the TGV Lorraine station.
Please inform the abbey reception of your departure time, so the same taxi minibus will drive you in time to the TGV station.

The abbey hotel grants reserved rooms for DTIP attendants until June 15th.
Other hotels are located very close to the abbey:

- The Hotel bagatelle is 300 m (less than 5 minutes) away from the conference location. https://www.bagatelle-hotel.com/

- The Enzo Hotel Kyriad Pont-A-Mousson is approx. 1 km (15 minutes) away from the conference location:

Pandemic situation (2022-06-01):
From feb. 2022, people coming from a list of "green" countries can travel to France with no restriction provided they have been fully vaccined at least 1 month before entering France or at most 9 months after the last injection, or they can present a negative CoViD test. People coming from an "orange" list must be able to justify a compulsory reason to come to France.

The official french govermment website offers information about travelling https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/deplacements (in french).
English versions can be found either in the diplomatic official french website or on the french interior ministry website.

Please pay attention to the fact that for travelling to France and from France, rules can be different.

Facemask is not anymore compulsory almost anywhere, so you can be anywhere without wearing a facemask. Any health structure can ask to wear a facemask. Local obligation to wear a facemask can (could) be decided by the authorities at any moment.
Wearing a facemask remains recommended.

Conference site preview:

Cour d'honneur de l'abbaye des Prémontrés à Pont-à-Mousson        Abbaye des Prémontrés à Pont-à-Mousson
The honor court - image © Natasha Miclot                                                            The Abbey - image © Julien Pontarolo

Abbatiale de l'abbaye des Prémontrés à Pont-à-Mousson        Jardin des senteurs de l'abbaye des Prémontrés à Pont-à-Mousson
The abbatial - image © Natasha Miclot                                                                The garden of scents - image © DR

Escalier ovale - Abbaye des Prémontrés à Pont-à-Mousson
The oval stairs - image © Natasha Miclot  

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