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Virtual event, August 25th - 27th, 2021

INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS (Camera Ready Preparation and Upload)


  1. Step 1 - Prepare your final IEEE compliant paper using the following A4 Template: IEEE A4 template for conferences
Recommended paper length is four pages with a limitation to six pages.

  1. Step 2 - Once your final manuscript is ready, go to IEEE pdf-Express website, to create an account using your email address and the Conference ID of DTIP 2021: 54218X. Then, upload and verify that your file is IEEE compliant.

  2. Step 3 - Upload the final paper (pdf file) of your accepted paper, fill-in copyright form and select the presenter.
  3. Connect to the Paper Submission Website and enter the Author section. You will find your accepted paper with several possible actions.
  4. Select "Upload the camera ready file" and upload your IEEE Xplore compliant pdf.
  5. Select "Transfer the copyright form" and fill-in the form.
  6. At that step, you must also "Set the presenter" of your paper and upload a short bio for the Presenter.
    The presenter must also register to the Symposium (reduced fee for all presenting authors) to allow inclusion of your paper in the final program.
  7. This step must be completed by August, 23rd
    Please note that NO time extensions will be granted.

  8. Step 4 - Slide-show preparation for your talk. Duration of the talk is 15 minutes for oral presentations and 7 minutes for short talks. It is optionnal to use the following 4/3 Template: PPTX slide-show for oral presentations

  9. Step 5 - MP4 video preparation. Symposium will be held on the Zoom platform, if you are not confident with the quality of your internet connection, you may choose to pre-record a MP4 video (7 minutes or 15 minutes) that will be broadcasted by the organizer at the time of your talk.
    MP4 video must be delivered at least 24 hours before your talk. Please contact us for video transfer instructions.
    To prepare your video, you may use any process of your own. We are also providing a tutorial (click here to see the video) to generate a mp4 video from a power point slide show on an up-to-date Microsoft platform which is the most integrated solution. On Linux platform OBS is a nice open-source software but final edition of your rushes may be required using imovie (on MacOS platforms).

For any support, question or comment, please send us an email.

Important note: IEEE and DTIP organizers reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, including IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, if the paper is not presented by the author at the conference or if the paper presents some plagiarism or self-plagiarism issues.
>>>> Access to Paper Submission Website

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